Our Membership Roll

Tailgating Hall of Fame® members are located across the country and can be found in event parking lots supporting their team rain or shine throughout the year. Some tow in custom-built BBQ pits for smoking and slow roasting meats, some fire up portable hot tubs in the dead of winter or have a built-in fire place inside their tailgating cruiser in order to keep warm on blustery winter afternoons. Some drive RV’s, some have converted reclaimed school buses or ambulances or fire trucks painted in team colors to establish an onsite base of operations for tailgating activities. Some maintain mild mannered alter egos, while others are the larger than life personalities you’ll see appearing on the scoreboard on gameday. The common thread that binds them all is their love of the great American pastime of gameday tailgating and this dedication to their craft has earned them a place in this Tailgating Hall of Fame.

As the founder of the Tailgating Hall of Fame, Hans Steiniger has established the set of membership criteria governing the selection of new candidates. This membership process has remained a closely guarded secret since formation, as potential members are evaluated on their contributions to the art of gameday tailgating. However, the membership process begins with a personal visit from a Hall of Fame representative to perform an onsite evaluation of the atmosphere, tradition, and overall experience provided. An informal interview is conducted throughout the visit and a review of each candidate’s qualifications is performed. Membership is confirmed through the presentation of the Tailgating Hall of Fame challenge coin, a membership token that is used to confirm Hall of Fame credentials when visiting other tailgates.

Atlanta, Georgia
The Fanbulance

Boston, Massachusetts
Razor's Edge Tailgate Club

Buffalo, New York
Kenny "Pinto Ron" Johnson
The Chefs
Coffin Corner

Charlotte, North Carolina

da Bus

Cincinnati, Ohio
Bengal Bomb Squad
Bengal Bomb Squad West
Bengal Trailer

Cleveland, Ohio
North Port Kennel/Dawg WARDens
The Browns Bunch
The Elf Pack

Dallas, Texas

Denver, Colorado
Mile High Jester's Court

Detroit, Michigan
The Tubgaters
Blue Crew
Suh Crew

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Packer Phan-atics Tailgate

Houston, Texas
Raging Bull Tailgaters
The Blue Crew

Indianapolis, Indiana
Indy Blue Crew

Kansas City, Missouri
Fan Van Crew

Miami, Florida

Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Battle Wagon

Nashville, Tennessee
Tennessee Titans Tailgaters - RETIRED

New Orleans, Louisiana
Tailg8NOLA / Korner Krewe

New York - Jets
Tailgate Joe
NY Jets Tailgate

New York - Giants
Big Blue BBQ
Big Blue Tailgaters

Oakland, California
Bad Boyz of BBQ

Phoenix, Arizona
Cards #1 Tailgate Team - RETIRED

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
One Crazy Fan
Cavs Eagles Tailgate

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mobile Tailgating Unit (MTU)

San Diego, California
Bolt Pride
Swoopin' D

Tampa, Florida
What the Buc? Tailgating

Washington, D.C.
Extreme Skins
Hail BBQ Crew