Extreme Skins

Extreme Skins
At A Glance

Home Team: Washington Redskins
Website: www.es.redskins.com
Tailgating Since:  
Location:  Redzone Lot RZ30
Typical Tailgate Size:  100 Tailgaters
Signature Drink:  Apple Pie Shine
Best Local Beer:   
Tailgate Cruiser: The Redskins Jeep
Awards:  Redskins Fan Captains
Member Since: December 21, 2009

Member Bio:
The Extremeskins Tailgate is a tailgating institution on gamedays outside FedExField. Our reputation is a credit to the many members of Extremeskins that help to provide a friendly and welcoming environment during tailgates and contribute to the charity work that is conducted throughout the season. We are a gathering of die hard Washington Redskins fans who love to come together and have a good time out in the lots before and after the game.

Our tailgate always starts the moment the parking lot opens (5 hours before game time) and we start packing up around 30 minutes before game time so we have plenty of time to head into FedEx Field. Many of us arrive even earlier to do a bit of pre-tailgating on Redskins Road before the lot is opened, and you can usually find a bunch of us at the very front of the line waiting for the parking lots to open. Our tailgate is typically located in the Redzone Lot RZ30.  We have found a nice spot (featuring concrete & grass areas) in the Fedex Field parking lot that offers us a ton of room and protection from cars running all over the place, as well as other amenities.

Absolutely everyone is invited.  Our tailgate originated as a tailgate for the ExtremeSkins board, but it has expanded to so much more and has brought in not only folks from other fan sites, but it has become a haven for all Redskins fans, their friends and their families. We accept fans of all sorts, even of other teams. We ask if you come to the tailgate, that you remember one thing... treat others as you would want to be treated!  We appreciate the razzing of opponents fans, but keep it civil (treat those as you would be treated)!  We are a potluck style tailgate, so we prefer that folks bring food/drinks/supplies to share rather than money. While we do not solicit any contributions to the tailgate, they are welcome. Please feel free to join us and Go Redskins!