The Tubgaters

The Tubgaters
At A Glance

Home Team: Detroit Lions
Tailgating Since:  1995
Location:  Eastern Market
Typical Tailgate Size:  60 tailgaters
Regulars:  Denny, Mickey, Jerry, Dave, "The Great Pimpkin" 
Website:  The Tugaters
Signature Drink: "No signatures are required to drink" 
Best Local Beer: Atwater Detroit Pale Ale  
Tailgate Cruiser:  Ford F-150
Awards:  "Drinking Beer is its own Reward"
Member Since: October 26, 2012

Member Bio:
The Tubgaters were founded in 1995 by Ron Leonard.  At that time, they took place at the now defunked Pontiac Silverdome. Tragically, Ron passed away and the Tubgate responsibility was assumed by Dave Arney for several years.  It then passed to Denny Arney. The Tubgaters have been on TV many times. They have also been featured in Sports Illustrated and ESPN magazine. The Tubgaters were there when Detroit hosted the Superbowl in 2006. Urban legand has it that an unknown fully naked lady stood up in the tub and gave an amazing dance performance. "Wait a minute!" . . . . that wasn't urban legend. It really happened!

Our crown jewel tailgate is the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving game. The water in the tub is always colored Honolulu Blue and vistors and passerby's are encouraged to join us for a dip in the Tubgater hot tub if they want. Don't have a suit or a towel? No worries. . . . we always have a few clean bathing suits and towels handy for any 1st timers that want to try our time honored, Motor City tradition.

Remember, " Tubgating is not just a way of life. . . . It's a way of life, plus beer! " Goooooo. . . . Lions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hall of Fame Credentials:
The Tubgaters have captured the imaginations of local Detroit Lions fans since the days of the Pontiac Silverdome.  They've been a fixture on the Quest for 31 since 2012.  Every great tailgate is steeped in a fine tradition that spans many years and the tubgaters are no exception.  Their mobile hot tub trailer attracts droves of female fans looking for warmth during these harsh Detroit winters.  Motor City Hot Tub tailgating has never been the same.

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