Jets Tailgate Lot L11

Jets Tailgate LotL11
At A Glance

Home Team: New York Jets
Tailgating Since:
Location:  Lot L-11
Typical Tailgate Size: 30-50 Tailgaters
Regulars:  Frank “Flagman” Conway, Eric Roelofs the breakfast guy, Tom Conway – The Chili Man, Matt Ryffel, Robyn and Rich Sperber - The culinary experts, Frank Scalisi the fryer guy and Kevin Chapman the Blender guy
Signature Drink:  Frozen drink of the week and multiple types of beer weekly
Awards: 2013 Jets Tailgate of the week game 1; NFL/Food Network Hamburger cook off winner Dec 2011, Participant in the Bing National Championship Nov 2010 and Runner up in the Jets Insider Tailgate contest in 2008
Member Since: September 20, 2009

Member Bio:
Some of our Crew has been tailgating since the days of the USFL New Jersey Generals.  For the New York Jets we started tailgating in 1985 with a few games a year and have been going strong since 1990 after we all graduated from college. Initially, we tailgated behind my Cadillac Eldorado and each year we got better at the art of tailgating.  In 1997 we got our first set of flags.  The number of flags we flew grew from there, reaching a peak of twenty-six poles from 2004-2007,   before the construction of the new stadium eliminated the wall we were using to mount the flagpoles to.  Now we fly 14-16 poles with two flags each using car tire mounts to hold the flagpoles in place.  Our menu has expanded from just burgers, dogs and chips to the menu shown below in the Typical Gameday Spread section.  We welcome one and all to join us anytime.  Through our website, we have hosted international tailgaters from Canada, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, England, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.  We try to fly the country's national flag if I have enough notice to get one for our international guests.

Typical Gameday Spread:
For the 1:00PM games we have Breakfast for the early arrivals and then for all games we usually have: Scallops and Bacon, Chili, Meat market products from Chester, NJ (Filet, dogs, burgers, kielbasa and more), Grilled shrimp and Cold shrimp from the Market Basket in Franklin Lakes, NJ, Authentic Buffalo wings, Fryer items and themed food in honor of the week's opponent. A couple of times a year we do a catered Beefsteak through Nightingale Caterers from Clifton, NJ. 

Suh Crew Tailgating
Suh Crew Tailgating