Mobile Tailgating Unit (MTU)

Mobile Tailgating Unit
At A Glance

Home Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Website:  The Ambulance - M.T.U.
Tailgating Since:
Location:  Red Lot 6 
Typical Tailgate Size:  50 Tailgaters
Signature Drink:   Mostly Beer ... hot cider
Best Local Beer:  I.C. Lite ... mostly have Miller Lite 
Tailgate Cruiser:  Mobile Tailgating Unit (MTU)
Member Since: December 4, 2011

Member Bio:
The Ambulance Mobile Tailgating Unit (MTU) is the brainchild of Pittsburgh Steeler Super Fan, John Dusch. John set out with the intention of making the retired 1980’s-era ambulance into the ultimate tailgate vehicle and with some help from his friend Rick, they were able to do just that. What began as an old red and white ambulance was soon transformed. They began this renovation with the addition of a Pittsburgh themed black and gold paint job. An incredible mural that pays homage to the championship lineage in Steel Town now adorns the sides of the MTU, replacing the words, “Ed’s Service Truck” that was once imprinted there. Shiny chrome wheels and new ambulatory lighting round the exterior transformation. In addition, the fully restored interior includes a 20-inch flat-screen television and an onboard restroom, a luxury rarely seen in your typical tailgate cruiser. With each new year, the creative wheels continue to turn and the MTU is continuously improved.

For Steelers fans, the MTU tailgate party is an event that not to be missed. Paying homage to its strong Polish roots, MTU tailgaters serve up a smorgasbord of pierogies, corn on the cob, chips, kielbasa, Mineo’s pizza and plenty of cold Miller Lite beer for the Steelers, Pirates, Penguins and Panthers tailgaters who attend. The fans in Pittsburgh are great football folks and they’re well represented at the MTU. They’re friendly and they love to talk football, which makes the gameday atmosphere at this tailgate second to none. Look for John and The Ambulance MTU in the Red Lot #6 near PNC Park.

Hall of Fame Credentials:
A fully restored 1980's-era ambulance serves as an exceptional command post for game day operations outside Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. With a City of Pittsburgh themed mural and a phenomenal custom paint job, John and Rick have seriously raised the bar for what a tailgate cruiser ought to be in the Steel City. The MTU crew hosts an incredible tailgate with a collection of great fans and some of the finest tailgate fodder and local foods that any tailgate has to offer. If you can score an invite to this tailgate, consider yourself lucky.