Big Blue BBQ

Big Blue BBQ At A Glance

Home Team: New York Giants
Tailgating Since:
Typical Tailgate Size: 
Regulars:  Scott, Greg, John, Joe
Signature Drink: 
Best Local Beer:   
Tailgate Cruiser:  Big Blue BBQ Trailer
Member Since: November 8, 2009

Member Bio:
Big Blue BBQ started out many years ago, as two guys got lucky enough to get New York Giants season tickets. We were both life-long fans of the New York “Football” Giants and jumped at the chance to follow them live and in person at Giants Stadium for every home game. Later that year, due to an empty seat, we wound up picking up an additional seat. The three seats eventually became 4 and since we had to eat before the game, it was a moral imperative that be begin hositng a modest tailgate for the pregame.

When you meet these guys it becomes very clear that nothing is done modestly, easily or....SMALL! So when we decided to come up with a name for our tailgate, the choice was easy... it had to have the word “BIG” in it, right? Since it is basically an outdoor Barbecue – “BBQ” had to fit right in, don't you think?

And what is the reason we are all here? Our New York “Football” Giants..... our Blue Giants.... soon, they began copying us by referring to themselves as “Big Blue”.... but, we're "ok" with that. So here we have the Big Blue BBQ! Four die hard tailgaters soon turned into six and six turned into twelve. Eventually, our crew of twelve expanded and ...well, you get the picture. These days, for New York Giants Gamedays during the NFl season, we host close to 1,000 people for the best tailgate in the lot each season of football.

Hall of Fame Credentials:
The crew from Big Blue BBQ has been a road stop on the Quest for 31 since 2009.  This supremely talented coalition of blacktop cluinarians put on one of the best tailgates in the league.  The Big Blue BBQ trailer not only carries their equipement, but once it's setup, doors open to reveal a fully stocked bar area with a 60-inch flatscreen TV.  The front end of the trailer even has a private half-bath for the ladies (no port-a-john hovering here).  The food is always excellent and the company is top notch. Logo