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Home Team: Buffalo Bills
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Signature Sandwich: "The Mouthful," a single hardroll is used to bookend the following ingredients - a blueberry pancake, some homemade western New York maple syrup, two slices of bacon, a piece of pepper jack cheese, one sausage patty, a couple of fried eggs, and a dash of hot sauce. 
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Member Since: August 15, 2009

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COFFIN CORNER has been an evolving entity over many many years. It began when I was 14 years old when Ray suggested we get season tickets. Tailgating back then meant nothing more than getting to the games early enough to beat the traffic, meet your friends & hang out for a bit before kickoff. We started out with a tiny hibatchi to cook hotdogs on and tarps tied to cars & fences to try to stay out of the rain.

Eventually our tailgate merged with another that was headed up by Randy "Shep" Sheppard and Jay Paradiso and soon the COFFIN CORNER took on a life of it's own. The tailgate party began at 4:00AM or earlier. From there our crew grew and the amount of people attending grew, including BILLS players & their families. So much to that point that the NFL had been trying to shut us down because we became "an event within an event" and the NFL doesn't want that. We were the first to host live bands, we've been featured on NFL Films, Fox Sports, the Food Network, BILLS Player's shows, and countless other TV, radio, newpapers and other media outlets. 

With our "Go Big Or Go Home" mentality we take pride in making all our food right there in the parking lot. Never pre-made. You would never find a hamburger or hotdog at the COFFIN CORNER! Our signature food is "the MOUTHFUL", a monster breakfast sandwich. Our food, heated tents, live music, Satellite Television, the love of our team, and of course the people, have made tailgate lore. - "Every year you meet more people, it's a community, we're like family. You may only see these people 8 times or less per year but every time you see them, they're your best friends in the world. It's as if you saw them yesterday. That's what it all about!" ~TOBER .

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