Blue Crew

Blue Crew
At A Glance

Home Team: Detroit Lions
Website:  Find us on Facebook
Tailgating Since:  2014
Location:  Eastern Market
Typical Tailgate Size: 30-100 tailgaters
Regulars:  Big Blu, J-Pride, GreyBush, D-lineman, King of the North, D-Driver, Ty Murray, Brad Totten, Brian Weatherly, The Tubgaters and many more! 
Signature Drink:  Krew-Aid
Best Local Beer:  Cold Ones 
Tailgate Cruiser:  1999 International Bus
Member Since: ???

Member Bio:
We are Die-hard Detroit Lions fans! We Tailgate hard and cheer at every game even harder!  We stay until 00:00 shows on the game clock no matter what the score! We are dedicated to our families and work all week... But when Sunday comes, there is only one thing on our minds.... Detroit Lions football and throwing one hell of a tailgate!! You can find the Blue Crew before every home game situated right next to The Tubgaters at Eastern Market.. Whether we are grilling or frying, the beer is always cold but watch out for that fireball!  Make sure you try our Krew-Aid!!

The Beginning
Most of us have Tailgated off and on since the early 2000's but we've never been part of an official Tailgate group. We have all watched the Lions since we were kids and made it to games here and there until 2014 when a couple of us got season tickets. Our first Tailgate was out of the back of a F-150 with a Coleman grill, cheap dogs and a chest full of beer! They thought they were set up until motorcoaches, buses and motorhomes rolled in... decked out and ready to party. At that moment Willie Murray(Big Blu-co-founder) knew that he had to be part of a true Tailgate. Thru Craigslist he acquired an old motorhome and had Detroit Lions stickers all over it by the next home game. That season, Jason Hricovsky (J-PRIDE-co-founder) started calling themselves The Blue Crew. Members have come and gone... But the Tailgate hasn't! Each year it's gotten a little bigger...a little better! We now roll in with a limo bus and a 12' enclosed trailer full of our Tailgating supplies. We are fully set up in about 30 minutes! Full bar, PA system, grills, fryers and tons of lion pride! We have hosted fans from other teams in large numbers and traveled to Tailgate with other great Tailgaters all around the country! Everyone wins when Tailgating! Logo