At A Glance

Home Team: Atlanta Falcons
Tailgating Since:
  Our Tailgating roots reach back to the 1980's, but our current group began tailgating in 1991.
Location:  Brown Lot on SE corner of Georgia Dome
Typical Tailgate Size:  60-80 Tailgaters
Regulars:  Tom & Diane Dunn, The Twisted Sisters: Donna Mayo & Debbie Walls, Greg Yates, Nisel Anello, Lamar Scott, Holly Thompson and her Mother Mary Witt, Debbie Maynard, Sherry Sullivan, Kathy Pierce, Leslie Maske, Becky Kirbo, Beverly & Mack Hines, Jim & Joanne Carlisle
Signature Drink:  Falcon Piss
Best Local Beer:  Sweetwater 
Tailgate Cruiser:  The Fanbulance
Awards:  3-Time winner of the Jack Daniel's Great American Tailgate Search, Campbell's Chunky Soup Best Atlanta Tailgate
Member Since: September 4, 2013

Member Bio:
I grew up watching and playing football as a kid. In the late 1960's I attended occasional Atlanta Falcons games with my Aunt Lois and Uncle Joe Dube when I visited them. When my wife, Diane, and I first moved to Atlanta in 1979, we purchased our first Falcons season tickets. Our tailgate has been growing since then.

The Fanbulance was create to address the problem of, "How can I get everything I need for tailgating ready at the start of the season and not have to load it and unload it every week?". The vehicle has been updated every year, and continues to evolve as an NFL Sunday base of operations.  Now, the "Son of Fanbulance" is in development.  Stay tuned...

Typical Gameday Spread:
Our typical gameday spread varies from  game to game, but it's always keyed to our opponent for the week.  

Hall of Fame Credentials:
Tom Dunn is a member of PFUFA and the Fanbulance and crew members have appeared in TV commercials, books, newspapers and magazines. Tom also won the first and thus far only "Smartest Falcons Fan" award, a contest sponsored by the Falcons and local media to determine the fan with the most knowledge of the Falcons and their history. 

Fanbulance Tailgating
Fanbulance Tailgating